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Korea Trip Day 15: Last Day in Korea

We started the day like we did most days in the apartment, with a trip outside by Paul and Josie to hunt and gather breakfast for the family. First stop today was the egg sandwich lady. Here's Josie enjoying hers:

Next we headed back to the War Museum to see the exhibits we had rushed thru last week when we visited. Then it was back to Namdaemun, Myeong Dong, and Insadong for one last day of shopping. What else? We decided it would be fun to eat dinner entirely from street vendors on our last night. We had kim bap, an bread and egg thing, potatoes, chicken skewers, fresh fruit, and a bulgogi puff. Now we're back in the apartment sorting thru our shopping treasures and getting packed up for the long trip home tomorrow. Our flight doesn't leave until 6:30pm tomorrow, so at least the morning will be leisurely. You'll hear from us again when we're back on the other side of the world.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Korea Trip Day 14: Today's Menu: Dogs and Horses

I think today was the first day on the trip where all we did was walk. We had to check out of our hotel today and move back into our apartment. But we did enjoy the "7am pleasure" first.

After having a delicious lunch at a little Korean cafe around the corner form our apartment, we headed back to Myeong Dong. Josie finally got to go to the Dog Cafe. Now, let me clarify, that this is a cafe where you get to *pet* the dogs. There are no dogs on the menu. It's just coffee and tea. So, because most people living in Seoul do not have any pets, this place allows you to interact with dogs while enjoying your coffee. It's mostly teenage girls.

We had dinner in the same building as our apartment. It was Korean BBQ, but we really had no idea what we ordered. None of the staff spoke English, but one patron came over and made a suggestion. So we ordered it. When I typed the Korean into my translator app, it translated as "the number of horses". But our friend at the next table assured us it was cow. Whatev! It was fabulous.

We finished the evening witha walk thru Insadong. We got to see a peace protest. (They were in *favor* of peace, luckily for us.) You can see the video over on Instagram: [link] (Not sure if you have to follow me on Instagram to see it.)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Korea Trip Day 13: Feels Like Home

Today we slept in and enjoyed a late breakfast in our hotel. Then we headed to Seoul's World Cup Stadium to look around. (Seoul hosted the WorldCup back in 2002, and Paul even went to see USA vs Poland in Daejeon that year!)

The girls enjoyed this video game where a you kick the ball with the shadow of your foot.

Then it was! After hitting the food court and the department store right at the World Cup Stadium, it was back to Namdaemun and Myeong Dong.

Looks like Krispy Kreme has arrived in Seoul. Changwoo will correct me no doubt, but I think the sign says something like if you purchase an americano (coffee) you get an original glazed donut free.

 One of many many accessory shops we visited today in Myeong Dong.

And an vanilla-mango ice cream cone on the walk back to the hotel.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Korea Trip Day 12: A Change of Plans

Today was a travel day, but not to Yang Yang as we had expected. When we checked the weather forecast this morning, the forecast for Yang Yang was for heavy rain. So as much as it hurt, we bailed. We booked a great hotel in Seoul and came back to the big city.
We rode the high speed train from Gyeongju to Seoul. After checking in to our hotel, we visited Changdeokgung palace. It was splendid. 

They say this tree is 750 years old. That's older than the palace itself. 
We strolled thru Zmyeong Dong and had a wonderful Korean BBQ dinner. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Korea Trip Day 11: Old Friends and New Places

Today we spent the day with our dear old friends the Han/Park family. They picked us up in two cars this morning and brought us to the Seokguram Grotto. 

We had a wonderful lunch at a place famous for its soondubu (soft tofu soup).

Next stop was a historic university. 
Josie found a leg less frog in the nearby creek. 
Joel and Jielle have grown in 10 years!
Haemul pa jeon (squid pancakes) *like*

We finished thd day by watching a program of traditional Korean music and dance. It was awesome. 
What a fun day reuniting with old friends.