Thursday, September 26, 2002

Picking Up Josie

Picking Up Josie

If you haven't been keeping up... It all started in May when we found out about Josie. Then in June, Paul went to Korea for business and got to visit with Josie. In July, we received some more recent photos of Josie from the agency in Korea. Then in August, the day-to-day waiting started in earnest.'+ ' Finally on Septemeber 12, we got the call to come and pick her up! So now Paul and Bryant are going to Korea to pick up Josie! They leave on Tue-17-Sep and return on Tue-24-Sep. Each day of the trip, they will update this page and post new photos. So make sure to visit every day to see the latest! (latest photos will be at the bottom)

Location: Seoul, Korea
Date: Sep 26, 2002
Number of Photos in Album: 127

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