Thursday, June 13, 2013

Korea Trip Day 02: The Long Flight Over

We took it easy in the hotel in Toronto and finally made our way over to the airport around noon. We departed Toronto on time and arrived in Seoul about 5pm local time (4am Michigan time), a 14 hours flight. Once thru security, we got some cash and picked up our mobile wifi hotspot. This way, we'll have Internet as we're out and about. After a 60 minute train ride into central Seoul, navigating umpteen escalators and non-moving staircases with all our luggage, and a short subway ride, we finally emerged on the streets of Seoul about 8pm. We walked about 200m to our apartment. It's little, but comfy. We dropped off our stuff and headed out for a stroll thru Insadong, a hopping artsy neighborhood. We picked up McDonald's for the girls and kimbap and kimchi for the adults. Then we retired for the evening. Whew! Here is today's trek with photos.


Virginia Wieringa said...

Looks like an amazing journey!

Brad Patton said...

Had to leave the country to fly to Korea? You did specify South, correct?

Too funny McDonalds was your first

AAHC said...

I heard Korean McDonnald is different from American's. Did you find that too?