Sunday, June 16, 2013

Korea Trip Day 05: History - Personal and National

Today was perfect weather. We had a leisurely morning strolling thru Insadong. Then we met up with Paul's old buddy from IBM Korea, ChangWoo. He accompanied us thru the King Sejong exhibits at Gwanghwamun Plaza, just a few minutes walk from our apartment. It was a great history lesson on why that king was the most important in Korea's history. Turns out he was big in language (he commissioned the Korean alphabet) and in science and technology. Not bad for the 1400s. You fans of yesterday's matchy-matchy photos will be tickled to learn that Paul and ChangWoo were not only both wearing Crocs, but were wearing exactly the same color and style of Crocs. You know what they say, "Nerds of a feather....." After lunch at the museum, ChangWoo walked with us thru Bukchon, a really cool neighborhood with historic Korean houses (Han-ok) and upscale shops and galleries. Highly recommended strolling on a perfect Sunday afternoon. We said goodbye to ChangWoo and did some more shopping at Insadong. We finally found a place for dinner that had both what Josie wanted (kimchi pancake) and what Maria wanted (bulgogi). Now back at the apartment and Josie has crashed. Maybe tomorrow will be an easy day, but I doubt it. Anyway, it was a picture perfect father's day. Here is today's trek with photos and videos.

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