Friday, June 14, 2013

Korea Trip Day 03: What Jet Lag?

We all slept pretty well overnight. Melatonin really helps. More 7-11 kimbap and coffee for breakfast. Then we started our long day of walking and shopping. We walked all the way to the base of the cable car up Namsan, only to find out it did not start operating until 10am. So we walked back to Namdaemun market. The girls loved it. Lunch at Shinsegae Department Store, then back to Namsan. We rode the cable car to the top and enjoyed the hazy view. Then we walked all the way down and back thru Namdaemun market and over thru Myeong Dong, a nice shopping area. By 4pm it was starting to get busy. Josie was quickly turning into a zombie, so we popped in at Burger King to get her a coke in the hopes of perking her up. We walked all the way back to our apartment, where we found workers installing a window AC unit. That'll be nice tonight! So we dropped off our market purchases and headed to the basement of the building where there are several restaurants. We had some delicious Korean food - the real deal. Now we're back in the room chilling (literally). It was a great day with perfect weather. I bet we walked 10 miles. I doubt any of us will be awake for very long tonight. Here is today's trek with photos.

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