Monday, June 17, 2013

Korea Trip Day 06: Maria Meets Her Foster Mom

This morning, we ventured over to DongDaeMun market. It was kind of a bust. It's mostly a wholesale market, so we headed back to the girls' favorite - Insadong. We grabbed a quick lunch near our apartment, then headed over to Holt Post Adoption Services by subway. There Maria met her foster mom. This is the woman who cared for Maria from age 5 weeks until we picked her up at age 5 months. (Here is a photo from that day.) It was a wonderful meeting. After Holt, we took the subway back to NamDaeMun, where the girls did some more bargain hunting. We enjoyed an outdoor Korean barbecue, then walked home thru the brighly lit city. MyeongDong was hoppin'. All lit up and busy with pedestrians. It started sprinkling just as we got back. But weather-wise, today was perfect again. Tomorrow, the forecast is for rain all day. Here is today's trek with photos and videos.

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