Thursday, June 20, 2013

Korea Trip Day 09: Gyeongju

We started our day visiting some cultural sites in downtown Gyeongju. Here are some pics at the Daereungwon Tombs, where Silla royalty from the third century were buried. It really was a lovely place. 
Next we headed to a little village of traditional Korean houses. 
Then we headed to Bulguksa Temple, the premier site in Gueongju. 
Then we had a nice Korean lunch in the little tourist village nearby. After that we got to ride the swan boats. 
Then we headed back into town for some more shopping and a pizza supper. 
Josie got a new hanbok!
It was called "live beer" on the menu. 
Tomorrow is the big day in Busan when we meet Maria's birthmother. We need to be out of the hotel and in a taxi by 7am. More tomorrow night. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks like this was another fun day for all of you. such a different and intriguing culture.