Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Korea Trip Day 07: Gangnam Style!

We started the day with a trip to Gangnam, a part of Seoul that is south (nam) of the river (gang). We visited the Kimchi Field Museum at the COEX Mall. We walked around some swanky upscale neighborhoods. Then we headed to the Korean War Memorial. What a great museum. Paul and Bryant visited 11 years ago, but it has been significantly improved. We highly recommend it! Then back to Namdaemun and Myeong Dong on our way back to the apartment in the rain. Now we're back in the apartment packing up for our departure tomorrow to other parts of Korea. Here is today's trek with photos and videos.

The big news today we received via email. After our meeting at Holt yesterday with Maria's foster mom, our contact there emailed us today to tell us that they were able to contact Maria's birthmother in Busan. We get to meet her Friday in Busan! We are so excited.

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Virginia Wieringa said...

Amazing news!

Dancing, Gangnam style!