Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Korea Trip Day 08: Heading South

Bad news this morning: my laptop crapped out. I visited a nearby Apple store and determined that its the laptop itself, not the charger. So no more treks and no more photos from Beth until we get home and I get it fixed. So we carry on with the trusty iPhone. 

While I was away, the girls picked up a very nice necklace to give to Maria's birthmother on Friday. They also saw a big traffic jam with police escorts. We later saw on the news that Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg had been in our neighborhood!

We packed up our luggage and made our at to Seoul station. After lunch, Ed caught a high-speed train to Gyeongju. Top speed was over 180mph. We took a taxi to our resort hotel at Bomun Lake. Nice big suite with a kitchenette. We walked along the lake and finally stopped at a little restaurant and ate outdoors. More perfect weather.
The girls ordered bulgogi (beef). Yummy!
Beth ordered haemul (seafood) pa (green onion) jeon (pancake). it was awesome good! Not pictured: my dwenjang (tofu) chigae (soup). Spicy-licious!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having an awesome time! Love all the pictures! Can't wait for more blogs and photos!
Kelli aka Lelli!!!

Stitch said...

Just heard about the trip, looks great, have fun.

changwoo said...

Seems no difficulty to kyeongju... btw, dwenjang is "soybean paste" rest are perfect paul... :)