Friday, June 21, 2013

Korea Trip Day 10: JungSun Meets MyeongSun

We started early today to take a taxi, then a train to Busan, then two subway trains to the Holt office. There we met Maria's birthmother. Her name is MyeongSun, which rhymes with Maria's Korean name JungSun. She looks so much like Maria and has many of the same mannerisms and interests. We talked with a translator for two and a half hours.
First meeting. We were all overcome with emotion. 
They exchanged matching necklaces. 
Those shoes look just like Maria would wear!

Then we went to lunch with MyeongSun and her best friend SooJin. We had no translator, but we made do with charades and translation apps. 
The food was the best we'd had in Korea. 
After the group photo it was so hard to say goodbye.
We exchanged email addresses and promised to keep in touch.

We headed to the Busan Aquarium for a while. 

We took a look at Haeundae Beach before heading back to our hotel in Gueongju - subway, train, taxi.

Whew! What an amazing day.


Virginia Wieringa said...

An amazing day indeed. I'm delighted for all of you! Her mom must be so pleased to see what a wonderful family Maria has and what a great girl she is.

Anonymous said...

How special for Maria! Thanks for sharing this moment and your trip!
Kelli aka Lelli

AAHC said...

I am glad that Maria met her mom. What an amazing story!

Penny said...

Maria and Josie have become such beautiful girls. I can only imagine what a wonderful day this was for all of you but especially for Maria. What an amazing trip!