Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Korea Trip Day 14: Today's Menu: Dogs and Horses

I think today was the first day on the trip where all we did was walk. We had to check out of our hotel today and move back into our apartment. But we did enjoy the "7am pleasure" first.

After having a delicious lunch at a little Korean cafe around the corner form our apartment, we headed back to Myeong Dong. Josie finally got to go to the Dog Cafe. Now, let me clarify, that this is a cafe where you get to *pet* the dogs. There are no dogs on the menu. It's just coffee and tea. So, because most people living in Seoul do not have any pets, this place allows you to interact with dogs while enjoying your coffee. It's mostly teenage girls.

We had dinner in the same building as our apartment. It was Korean BBQ, but we really had no idea what we ordered. None of the staff spoke English, but one patron came over and made a suggestion. So we ordered it. When I typed the Korean into my translator app, it translated as "the number of horses". But our friend at the next table assured us it was cow. Whatev! It was fabulous.

We finished the evening witha walk thru Insadong. We got to see a peace protest. (They were in *favor* of peace, luckily for us.) You can see the video over on Instagram: [link] (Not sure if you have to follow me on Instagram to see it.)


Virginia Wieringa said...

I think Grand Rapids needs a dog cafe!

chuvan said...

That big black dog likely appearred in your soup (it's callee "mung-mung dang" at dinner later in the day.